Not Everything but Something

📷 Image by gary gray from Pixabay

Give me someone who is whole




A man who won’t hide his soul

Give me someone who is wise




A man that doesn’t lie

Give me someone who is open minded




A man who isn’t unkind

Give me someone who is bold




A man who isn’t cold

Give me someone who is faulty




A man who is imperfect but ideal for me

Is This What Strength is?

My heart has been ripped out of my chest
Squeezed so tight that the vessels have burst
Given back to me in my own hands
In a bloody heap of what was once whole
Thrown against a wall repeatedly
Leaving the stain of misery dripping down to the floor
Before wounds could fully heal
Another knife was being thrown
My heart has been kicked through the dirt like a stone
That no one gave a shit about
Set on fire only to have it burned down to ash
Descending from the sky above

Yet, I still believe in Love.

True Love is not….

True love is not, driven by force or fear.

True love is not, with a fist full of beer.

True love is not, making you look like, “a deer in the headlights,” leading you to tears.

True love is not, keeping you near to the point of always wondering if you’re in the clear.

True love is not, using words like a spear.

True love is not, controlling how you think, act, or feel.

True love is not, masking the truth underneath a chandelier.

True love is not, keeping you from your family or peers.

True love is not, saying sorry and being insincere.

True love is not, letting another interfere.

True love is not, when your self-worth depletes because they are the auctioneer.

True love is, helping you steer the wheel through life’s frontier, so you may persevere when all you want to do is disappear.

Do not be discouraged my dear for true love, I promise, will appear.