What gives you the right to criticize me?
When you were not in my shoes
If you really think about it
You could be considered one too
When you drank
Being the center of attention is what you pursued
Amusing that you use that label
For someone who prefers to be to herself
Now it’s time to hold yourself accountable
Cause none of us want to be left on a shelf


Maybe I’m just bad at relationships
Or maybe people, do not know how to love
I have made up my mind
I am done
I am content with being on my own
I accept that maybe I’m supposed to be alone
In my thoughts
My space
But if the time comes where you walk in
I’ll be ready
With open arms
Only if you mean
No harm

Battle Cry

Do you hear my battle cry?

Longing for the ones who have said goodbye.

Yelling out in anger and despair for I just want one more lullaby.

Yet all I can ask is why?

Why take the people who mean the most?

That’s like shooting down the soul and cooking it til it’s burnt toast.

Walking in and out before getting too close

As they turn into ghosts.

That’s what I am used to no matter the coast.

So I have learned to keep my distance.

Than no one will get hurt, not knowing my existence.

Too scared because someone may show resistance.

Do you hear my battle cry?

I long for the support of an ally.

Where me as a person can’t be denied.

So how do I defy this insecurity of mine where I no longer hide?

For if my pride gets in the way no one will ever come to my aid.

And I will have lived a story that only fades.

Maybe if my struggle is conveyed,

I may be able to help someone in their crusade?

But if I seek to end the dismay, I am more likely to be betrayed.

I want that feeling of the past to continue its decay.

This is my battle cry.

The battle of “Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde.”