Maybe I’m just bad at relationships
Or maybe people, do not know how to love
I have made up my mind
I am done
I am content with being on my own
I accept that maybe I’m supposed to be alone
In my thoughts
My space
But if the time comes where you walk in
I’ll be ready
With open arms
Only if you mean
No harm

7 thoughts on “Maybe

  1. People come in when you least expect them…when you’re not looking, when you’re not depending on love, when you’re finally one with yourself and don’t need someone to make you whole…and when they do, it’s a whole different chapter to your book of life.

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    1. Also, law of attraction. If you put love out there, you’ll get love in return. What you are saying is true as well. “When you least expect it.” This poem could be about relationships in general such as friendships for others too. I feel like I am all over the place right now with this comment so I am just going to stop there and hope I am making sense to you Caoine! Lol Thank you for “liking,” and commenting!

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      1. I get it, also was referring to the “being bad at relationships” it’s a learning curve for all, we have all been there, believe me, relationships and friendships. Not all people have the same view in mind, of if you put love out there, you get love in return, some just want what you have to give until they have their fill in both aspects.

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      2. Yes!! I completely understand where you are coming from. You are right! People expect it to just be given to them without doing anything in return or from the start. I guess that’s where I got the, “Or maybe people just do not know how to love.” I think in my relationships it’s all been give and take but not reciprocated. Like you said though too, it’s a learning experience. I usually write about people who have done me wrong but I never have wrote something about myself when it comes to my mistakes. I want to change that. I have been stuck on a line for the past week about, if I am able to talk about others mistakes I must look at mine too. Something along those lines. That as well, goes with the line from this poem, “Maybe I am just bad at relationships.”

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      3. I completely understand, I write about my life’s journeys, relationships mostly, we are our own worst enemies, we tend to wonder why others for us wrongly, but don’t look into ourselves (raises hand, been there) I never looked into my faults, I always picked the wrong men, friends etc. I’ve made bad decisions in the past, who hasn’t, nobody is perfect and if they say they are, they are lying 😂. I took time to know me, who I was and why I was faltering in failed “everythings” for lack of better wording. I’m old now and still have faults. Ha! Give yourself time to heal and grow, I’m not sure what life has thrown at you, but from reading your words, I can see a lot. It’s time to have peace in your life my writing friend. ❤️

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      4. Thank you for the encouraging words!! I have my peace but it is fleeting. I find my words part of the healing journey as with anyone, I would assume. We write what is familiar to us and for me that is pain, abandonment, depression, anxiety, failure, and disappointment. I am young (not that young lol). You should have seen me when I was in my teens though. I was such a negative person. It’s amazing what time and experience can do to a person. I am a more positive and inspired soul now. At least I would like to think I am. That’s why I write because I know there are people who can relate and it feels so good when your words resonate with people. ❤ always my friend 😀

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