Weary Travel 

I’m a lost soul, just the same as you.
Let’s fly away into the night sky together, until we’re out of view
Show me where your dreams hide so I can chase the stars along your avenue.
Bring out that inner child in Neverland, the imagination we once knew.
Do not worry about pleasing people who have no clue.
The boy grew into a man but sometimes it’s okay to not have a plan.
To have a little fun and pretend we are Peter Pan.
But if you falter in your fantasy,
I’ll be the doorman who holds the key to get you back to reality.
We all at some point feel like we are racing through life like a grand prix.
I want to be by your side through it all though,
this is my plea as you travel the sea.
Like a bird with the wind carrying their wings,
this is the definition of being free.

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